Consumer Watch: November time to buy

There is major potential to save on big ticket items at the end of November, but not every deal is ideal (KOKH).

It's November, and you know what that means when it comes to sales: Black Friday. Fox 25 consumer watch has a look at what might be worth the buy, and what you may want to skip even if it's on sale. Here are some historically good deals to consider.

Large home appliances, like a fridge or washers and dryers, tend to be on deep discount in late November. Televisions are on sale too. The best discount on televisions could be found if you do the whole midnight waiting in line thing, but if that is just not your style, expect to still be able to find good discounts.

Keep an eye for computers, and other small electronics too. Some of these tend to be on sale during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Here again, best deals are often limited to the first few shoppers to get their hands on them.

If you need clothes this month, wait until Black Friday, and that weekend to do your shopping. Many stores give 50-percent off discounts or more.

Don't expect the latest game consoles to be on deep discount. Industry analysts report last year's model are the ones to look at if you want to keep it budget friendly. Also, keep a close eye on anything labeled ‘sale’ or a ‘deal’ when it comes to video game bundles. Often there are some discounts for buying a news console with the included video games, but the deal may not be worth it if the gamer doesn’t like the included games. So, if you are buying this as a present, consider the person’s likes when it comes to games.

Something else to wait on are gift cards. After the Black Friday weekend, you will start seeing businesses offering better gift card deals. That will keep getting better for you as December approaches.

Though there is major potential for savings during at the end of November, financial and savings experts recommend avoiding getting overcome by the allure of the major sale. Pick the big discounted items you’ll be buying ahead of time, and stick to your budget.

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