Consumer Watch: Most popular spring break vacation spot for Oklahoma travelers

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    For many of us, spring break is about a month away and time is ticking to get a good deal on any travel plans. Whether you are traveling with family or a group of friends, there is a kind of place that keeps hitting the top of the list. Warm sandy beaches are a forever favorite with the spring break travel crowd.

    When it comes to good price and a relatively close distance, certain beaches are king.

    “Cancun is a great option because it's quick flights from here to Cancun. Cabo, and then also Jamaica, is a great option too,” says Amber Brune, Vincent Vacations travel agent.

    Brune says you could still get a good deal on a beach vacation in Mexico, but flight prices will be going up from here on out. For the most choice and the cheapest prices, start planning your spring break travel in the fall.

    Whether you are looking for this year or next, think about what your perfect beach vacation looks like.

    “I think it depends on the person, so some people really just want to lay by the beach, and then some people want to go and explore, and there's great places anywhere you go -- there is a great option to go explore,” says Brune.

    If you want to lounge, you might focus on a place with a beautiful pool and great drink selection. If you want adventures, you might focus on looking at place with excellent excursion packages.

    We don't all get the whole week of spring break off. Vincent Vacations says its clients often book long weekend getaways as a short vacation, but there are also plenty of people that use the time to be out of the country for an entire week,

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