Consumer Watch: Money tricks for savings treats

Keeping up simple money saving tactics can keep you in good shape through the holidays (KOKH).

It's the time of year where building your savings might go on the back burner. Holiday after holiday could drain your bank account. These savings tricks are sure to be a treat because they are easy ways to keep building your savings on what could be the most expensive time of the year.

Whatever your favorite holiday is, it's probably coming up, and all the money you feel you have to spend is downright spooky.

“You've got Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, coming up, and that can be really stressful. One of the things that comes up for consumers is that you are taking more trips to the store to get items for these different celebrations,” says Lisa Rowan, Savings Expert at The Penny Hoarder.

The easiest way to trick yourself into saving money is to do it as soon as possible.

“Every time you get a paycheck you want to send a certain amount from your checking to your savings account and don't touch it -- let that savings add up,” says Rowan.

If you wait to move the money over, or keep your savings and checking in the same account, you'll be tempted to spend, spend, spend this time of year. Another easy money saving tip from the savings experts at The Penny Hoarder: Don't say yes to every single invitation.

“It is as easy as saying, you know, ‘I am sorry, I can't make it, but thanks so much for the invitation,’” says Rowan.

You might feel obligated to explain yourself, but it's perfectly acceptable and polite to you just say you can't make it. Pleasing everyone with our time and money this time of year can get us into trouble, so learning to say thanks but no thanks, and sticking to the handy financial rules you know how to follow means, you won't be hurting come 2018.

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