Consumer Watch: Mistakes that bust your budget

Finance specialists say unrealistic budgeting goals can lead to a budget blunder (KOKH).

Using spreadsheets or even apps makes the process budgeting process easier. Even if you are trying your hand at budgeting there are some issues that keep you in the red even if you think your following your spending plan.

Taking too big a bite is a major problem when it comes to budget. It's important to keep your goals realistic to ensure success.

When to successfully tracking your money there is no way to get around this part-- you need to take some time to formulate a budget or a spending plan.

Justin Cupler, a personal finance contributor withThe Penny Hoarder says that when it comes to beginner budgeters, or beginner investors, you have to find the sweet spot between aggressive and realistic.

“You do want to budget aggressively, so find out all your bills, all of your miscellaneous expenses, and budget anything that is left over from that budget, “says Cupler.

Getting there will take time. Other than foregoing a plan and being unrealistic, another major budgeting problem is mistaking a little success for a big win.

“Let that money grow. The future you will thank you for skipping that big expensive dinner now, “says Cupler.

It's totally fine to go out and enjoy yourself, as long as the plan is in your budget. Like Cupler says, don't get overly excited about your growing savings account, or growing investments, and blow all the cash on a way to pricey dinner or a vacation that is just going to slow you down.

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