Consumer Watch: Making the most of your tailgate party

Hosting a large tailgate party does not mean spending a lot of money (KOKH).

Football season is tailgate season. How does your tailgate compare to others when it comes to spending? Partying during the football season doesn't have to drain your bank account.

Some tailgating standards include the grill, where you'll cook up some burgers and hotdogs, and cold beverage. All of these things can add up, so remember that sharing is caring. That means the more friends you invite to your tailgate. the more saving options you'll have if you go potluck.

Needing a place to seat all those guests? You’re in luck. Camping season is over, so a lot of camping gear tends to be cheaper this time of year.

“You can find things like folding chairs, tables, pop-up tents, and ice chests. These are great essentials for tailgate that you can find right now,” says Carson Yarborough, a saving expert with

Popular tailgating games are often marked way up, especially if they are advertised as tailgating games. If you or a friend have a creative side, think about going the DIY route instead.

“There are plenty of versions online for how to make your own cornhole, make your own ring toss, ladder toss. These are classic tailgating games that you can make for not a lot of money,” says Yarborough.

Ending the tailgate party early to head to the game? High parking rate are often unavoidable. Remember to carpool and split the cost.

The money draining items you should skip according to, are pre-prepared meals and pre-chopped fruits and veggies. These tend to be much more expensive than if your bought the products whole, and did it yourself.

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