Consumer Watch: Making an extra $500

Work smarter, not harder, when it comes to earning a new income stream (KOKH).

An extra 500 dollars a month can turn your financial problems around. Working smarter instead of harder is important when it comes to getting a second income stream. Here are some Fox 25 Consumer Watch ideas that could help you make more money more quickly.

Whether you are paying down debt or building your savings, even a little extra money a month can make the process easier.

1. Pet lovers: Joining the Rover ranks could help you earn some relatively easy extra money. Most people charge $20 and $30 a night per animal. Just be sure you like and know how to handle dogs properly. It will help grow your side gig, and keep you and the animal safe. Taking care of two dogs three days a week will get you near that 500 a month mark, after Rover takes its fee.

2. If you are comfortable around a computer and fast on the keyboard. and hire people to transcribe audio and video from home. If you speak a different language you can translate document too. The amount you earn will depend on how much your work. Often the pay is a few cents per word.

3. For steady pay, a part-time job will do the trick. Even if you are only getting Oklahoma’s seven dollar and twenty-five cents minimum wage, working a full shift two days a week will get you close to that 500 dollar a month mark.

The most important part is using the money in a smart way. Pay down your debt or build your savings instead of trying to live beyond your means.

You can also make extra money by taking surveys or watching videos online. However, it would be tougher to hit that 500-dollar mark, but it is an easier way to make extra cash.

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