Consumer Watch: Lawn care app launches in Oklahoma City


The so-called Uber of lawn care launches in Oklahoma. It's a potential game changer for small businesses in a good way. Greenpal is connecting users with local lawn care businesses at the push of a button.

The site is newly launched in Oklahoma, and is already seeing customers. The goal is simple: get local lawn care businesses more traffic while keeping costs low for the consumer..

David Carothers is owner of C Custom Lawn Care, a family owned business. He and his son Joseph are the lead lawn care professionals, and partnered with Greenpal.

“It's kind of a one stop shop, so they can go to the one place and get what they need,” says Carothers.

Local lawn care professionals say the partnership helps because Greenpal lets them focus on the most important part of the job-- performing the service.

“They are taking care of the marketing, they are taking care of the payments for me, the scheduling,” says Carothers.

Greenpal says their platform makes it easier for consumers to shop around. The company sends the job to three businesses, and they bid. The consumer gets to choose the bid they want.

“We all know that we are in competition, friendly competition, with other people,” says Carothers.

Much like many e-commerce apps, no cash is exchanged. The payments are made through Greenpal. Greenpal says it does pre-screen the businesses that work with them. The website is available on desktop and mobile platforms.

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