Consumer Watch: How you're protected against bad car buys

The lemon law protects you against bad car purchase, but only if you qualify. (file)

You do have rights when it comes to certain bad purchases, especially when it comes to a bad car. The lemon law does protect your rights when it comes to car purchases, but there are some limits starting with the fact the lemon law only covers new cars.

A lemon means that your new car has a problem that is covered by the warranty, and it lowers its value or makes it difficult to use. According to the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office, that means you cannot have caused the damage. Doing things like forgetting to change the oil or making unauthorized changes to the motor making the car unusable, wouldn’t be covered.

If you have a lemon, report the problem in writing as soon as possible to the maker and dealer. They can make attempts to fix the problem. If it cannot be fixed, the maker should trade your car out, or give you most of your money back.

You can protect yourself best, by reading your owner’s manual. You should also keep detailed records if your car is having problems or needs work.

Fox 25 Consumer Watch checked with the Office of the Attorney General here in Oklahoma. They do have all this info on the lemon law on their site, but no government agency enforces the lemon law. That means, if you are hitting road blocks in the process, you may have to hire a lawyer yourself.

Lemon laws can be different by state, and you can the full breakdown of how you are protected in Oklahoma by clicking here.

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