Consumer Watch: How to find free deals

Many services you already pay for have access to perks you may not know about (KOKH).

People have a habit of paying for things they could get for free. When we pay for a service, often we all assume, we are only getting what we pay for, but things like credit cards and insurance often have the option for extra free stuff. If you don't know about it, you end up spending extra money for no reason.

The main reason people fall into the over paying trap is time.

“It is really easy to fall into this trap of spending money when you don't need to mainly because we have a million other things on our minds,” says Kelly Anne Smith, savings specialist with The Penny Hoarder

Here are some money savers to ask about:

Credit Cards:

Some credit cards offer things like a 90-day guarantee against loss or breakage of purchases made with the card. Also, if you make your monthly cellphone payment using a credit card, and your phone breaks, your credit card company might help you replace it. Some companies even offer car rental insurance coverage that will cover what your main insurance provider doesn't.

Roadside Assistance:

This is something people commonly over pay for not knowing their new car could be covered straight out of the lot.

“Often times, new cars or cars that were built within the last few years-- they are still covered under the factory warranty which does, often times, provide roadside assistance. So, it is good to know if their car is covered under that before they go and buy any additional coverage,” says Smith.


Being familiar with your different insurance policies will save you some money too. If your power goes out, many home owners and renter’s policies will get you your money back for spoiled food. If you need to replace the car seats in a car after an accident, some car insurance policies will help with the cost of replacing them.


The local library is also a money saving source for more than just books.

“College students or maybe up and coming business owners who don't want to go out and buy a printer, they should definitely head to their local library and use those free resources,” says Smith.

In the Oklahoma City Metro some library systems have reduced cost printing and copy machine use, while other cities in the Metro have free use, so call and ask before going. You are looking at possibly saving hundreds of dollars a year by not paying for things you can get for free.

The easiest way to find out if your product has free services is to call customer service and ask, or just check on the website.

Bonus tip: some AT&T customers can get BOGO movie tickets and advance sales for concert tickets. Here is the link that explains how customers get access to these special services.

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