Consumer Watch: How not committing to one gym could save you money

Working out and saving money. / File

A growing trend to exercise small is taking off in the Oklahoma City metro, but boutique fitness can get expensive fast. Some people are comfortable doing just one type of workout. Others like to flip things around with something different while keeping it all in a small group setting, and now boutique fitness doesn't mean picking just one thing.

"People like small group training, but they also like to be social. Women especially, they like to be able to come here do their work out with their friend and then maybe go downstairs and have lunch or go shopping with their friends." Chrissi Knight the Beyond Studios Oklahoma City co-owner.

Beyond Studios opened early in 2017 in an environment that is already flourishing for studio style fitness. Getting fit in small studios like this is called boutique fitness, and they often specialize on one or two things. Often you’ll see barre studios, pilates studios, spinning, and yoga. A membership at one of these places can cost more than 100 dollars a month. Though some people might enjoy boutique fitness, there are people who aren’t thrilled about signing up for a membership to only one thing. That is the very feeling that pushed Natalie Wolfe to become the CEO of StudioHop.

"I would spend 100 dollars a month plus, and I would want to do something else on the weekend with a friend, and I would pay a drop in fee, and drop in fees get really expensive really quickly,” says Wolfe.

Gym hopping style businesses have been around in larger communities for some time, but it is relatively new in the metro. StudioHop was created in Dallas, and has expanded into Oklahoma City. The cost of a membership is more expensive than a standard gym membership, but if you like studios, or the idea of boutique fitness, he cost is similar to having single membership, and gives you more options.

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