Consumer Watch: Home shopping app makes research easier


Get all the information you need at the snap of a picture is the new way to start researching your next home. Homesnap is described by some OKC realtors like Shazam for the home buying process, but instead of using audio pieces to get information about a song, you can get on-demand information on a house.

“You can basically pull up an address or take a picture of any home, and it will pull up data from court house records,” says Monty Strickland, Realty Experts managing brokers and partner.

Strickland says you'll get information on the house configuration. If the home is listed, you'll get the price, pictures, what homes in the area sold for, plus some extras.

“It goes a step further and tells you the school district information. you could put your work address in the app and it will tell you how far your commute time would be,” says Strickland.

Homesnap has its potential benefits for both consumers and realtors. Both can communicate more directly about homes, and realtors have access to a safety feature on the app too. They can set up a timer for showings, and if the realtor does not turn off the timer, a message is sent to an emergency contact with their location.

Users do need to enable location services to use the app properly. If you don't like to keep location services on, remember to turn them back off once you are done using the app.

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