Consumer Watch: Healthy and budget friendly snacks for kids

The dos and don'ts of back-to-school snacking, and how to get kids more involved (KOKH).

Back to school time is about more than supplies. Let's talk about food! We all get snacky every now and then and to keep kids from raiding a vending machine, their own mini version of meal prep will keep them healthy and happy-- all while being budget friendly.

Kids burn a lot of energy, and school time means they are burning that energy far away from the kitchen. Taking snacks to school can be a good idea, especially as the kids get older and get into after school activities. But what's good? Fox 25 Consumer Watch went to the YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City to see what they recommend.

“A great thing to keep in mind when you are thinking about healthy eating with your kids is mixing it up, and not necessarily taking anything away. You can still have a little bit of chocolate here and there, but mixing it up by maybe alternating maybe a sweet, salty, and fruits and vegetables,” says Rachel Klein, VP of Communications.

When it comes to drinks, you can't go wrong with an extra water bottle. Consider adding fruit or a low-calorie flavor instead of something sugary.

As for grab-and-go options for the kids, consider pretzels or goldfish, and even cheese sticks, but try avoiding anything fried.

The YMCA says another popular option is Gogurts, mainly because they are easy to pack and you don’t need a spoon. If the kids plan to eat it later in the day, try freezing it.

If you want to get more involved, this can even be an opportunity to expand a child's palate

“It is a great way to get them involved in trying different foods. Having them be part of the prep and the cooking, in a safe environment of course,” says Klein.

Even portioning out snacks can be a fun activity if the kids are too young to cook. Portion sizes do matter even for the kids, so if you are looking to plan out snack sizes consider the serving size.

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