Consumer Watch: Grocery pickup popularity on the rise

(Mireya Garcia/ KOKH)

Online grocery sales are on a sharp raise, and are projected to continue to rise. Ordering your groceries online and driving up to curb side pickup has a high convenience factor. Some people still prefer to pick out their own food, but the time saving factor is enough for an increasing number of people to give the free service a try.

“Online grocery gets bigger and bigger and grows every single week for this store. As a mother myself, I like to shop online, so I don’t have to come into the stores,” says Michelle Kent, Walmart store manager.

Customers can make their selections online, and then you select a pick-up time within an available window. The process is so popular, that Walmart hires employees do handle it exclusively as part of Walmart Pickup.

“Our managers and our team members, they teach us to shop our produce and our meats like we would for ourselves,” says Dylan Noak, an e-commerce associate.

Fox 25 Consumer Watch followed Noak as he completed several orders. Employees use large carts, and when the orders are complete, the items are then place in a storage area, either set aside, or set in a refrigerator until customers arrive.

Yes, some people prefer to do their own shopping, but Noak says he has learned a lot about the major reasons why some people choose this service.

“We actually have a couple of customers who have social anxieties, and they don't like going into the store because they don't like being in big crowds,” says Noak.

There is also a plan if what you want isn't available.

“Let’s say we run out of a two-liter Dr. Pepper then we are going to substitute it for something bigger and better for the customer. That way their order is satisfied,” says Kent.

Fox 25 Consumer Watch tagged along for some pickups. Customers are shown the substitutions, and if they don't want them, employees can take it back and change the order on the spot.

Other Oklahoma City grocery stores also offer grocery pick-up including Buy for Less, Whole Foods, Target. There are also apps offering the service at any grocery store for a fee.

Walmart Oklahoma City locations now offer grocery delivery to your home.

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