Consumer Watch: Glass experts report more sunroof problems in Oklahoma City


Reports of sunroof explosions and dangerous cracks spiked in 2015, according to research from Consumer Reports, the number of complaints made to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have decreased since then, but still remains high compared to years before 2015.

Sunroof sizes have changed over the years. Older cars have smaller sunroof's, and there are less problem's with these. Shannon Penn, owner of Penn Auto Glass says it's the panoramic sunroof, available in many new cars that could point to the spike.

“It has become more prevalent to make a full panoramic roof for vehicles, and with that you are turning that glass into a panel,” says Penn.

A sun roof explosion, and even just a crack, is difficult to fix, which means it will be expensive. An estimate on the low end could end running you about one thousand dollars. Penn says that most times his customers aren't even sure when the damage happened.

“Many customers (say ) that hey I was driving down the road. I heard just a boom -- what is that-- all of a sudden my sunroof is broke or put my visor back and noticed my sunroof was cracked,” says Penn.

Though a sunroof fully exploding is still considered rare, it is important to think about the potential cost if you're looking for a new car. Be sure to ask if the car's warranty and your car insurance include sunroof damage, otherwise you'll be stuck paying for the expensive repair yourself.

According to Consumer Report, American consumers have field 859 sunroof complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and the complaints usually happened within the first two years of the car's life.

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