Consumer Watch: Getting over heartbreak with a new app

Mend calls itself a personal trainer for getting over heartbreak, and it's taking the app world by storm (KOKH). 

Ending a relationship is rough, whether or not it was your call. One new app promises to be that friend who never gets sick of hearing about it.

The app is called Mend, and its inspiration came while founder Elle Huerta was looking to recover from her own heartbreak. Now a personal trainer to recover from a broken heart is a reality, and it's available on your phone.

In this Google it world, more people might just find themselves googling how to get over heart break. Self-care apps are booming because people want to be able to feel better. Mend promises to be there when you need to talk, and help you get to the other side of heartbreak.

“We find out a little about who you are and a little bit about your break up and when it happened, and then you are immediately taken into the app and you can start your first training,” says Huerta, Mend CEO and founder.

The app gives users something mindful to do. A daily audio training, and then there is the homework, reflection. You will have to consider your pain, but Huerta says something good is on the other side.

“There is this feeling that a break-up or a divorce is a failure, but it is really not. For many people, it is really a jumping off point and there are so many incredible changes that can happen after a break up,” says Huerta.

There is also a Mend community, where current and former members share their journey. Huerta says the app is not meant to replace mental health care, but can be another tool in getting happy and healthy after heartbreak.

Mend is free to download. Access to the daily audio trainings do come at a fee, and the cost depends on how long you want to work at it. There are three levels of membership. All subscriptions auto-renew at the end of each term: Monthly ($9.99/mo), 3-Months $23.99 ($7.99/mo), Annual $59.99 ($4.99/mo).

Auto-renewal means that you will be charged at the end of your membership, so if you would like to end your membership, it is important to cancel before the time period you originally paid for is up.

If you feel you need to speak to a professional after the ending of a marriage or a relationship, it is important to reach out. Some mental health care is covered by insurance, and there are low-cost options in Oklahoma if you are under insured.

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