Consumer Watch: Getting into stock photography

Stock photography can be a second income stream, but there are no guarantees on how much you will make (KOKH).

If you are a picture taking fiend, it could be a money making talent. As phones get more high tech and expensive, you can use the tools they have to your advantage.

“Whether it is an Android phone or an Apple phone, the cameras on these things are getting really good,” says Patrick Allmond, Focus Marketing social media expert.

Websites like Shutterstock and iStock are popular stock photo sites. Shutterstock allows users to become contributors, and iStock allows users to submit applications to join the team.

“If a person or company needs a stock photo and uses yours, you make some money,” says Allmond.

What is a stock photo? They are professional looking photos of common places, things, and people. These are generally purchased royalty free, so they can be reused as many times as the person who purchased it would like. Here are common popular shots: unique pictures of common scene, crowd shots, and government buildings.

“You just don't just take pictures of random people, and not tell them what you are doing,” warns Allmond.

At large public events you are probably ok with just taking the picture, but if you are focusing on anyone, you should get their permission to use the photo. Stock photographers will sometimes hire stock photography models and pay them a one-time fee for their participations.

Photographer can only expect to make about a dollar from a picture sold once, so they point is quantity. The more times a picture is purchased the more money you will make. It is beneficial to have many photo options, that are high quality, and commonly needed by marketing groups.

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