Consumer Watch: Getting a creative Halloween costume for cheap

A little creativity could get you the perfect costume without overspending (KOKH).

It's almost time for Halloween, and if you still don't have a costume, don't worry, there is time to put together something great and inexpensive.

Something more creative and possibly cheaper is easy to come by if you are willing to thrift. Fox 25 Consumer Watch went to Bad Granny's Bazaar for some last minute Halloween ideas. This is their busy time of year because people are celebrating both Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.

“Everybody has different ideas. You can get something from one booth and something from another booth and throw it together, and it is going to be completely different than what the other person at the party has on,” says Diana Harris, Bad Granny's Bazaar Owner.

A popular purchase is Moonrise Kingdom style costumes. The movie is a few years old, but the look is a notable one. There are also options for more traditional costumes with a creative flair like a skeleton costume.

“One of my vendors, one of artists, made it. So he found a suit-- probably a thrift store -- he is also an artist so this looks really good. So he painted up, and these are the pants,” says Harris of a black suit painted with white skeleton bones.

Many places like Bad Granny's Bazaar and thrift stores in town do have some ideas already picked out if you're still on the fence about what to be for Halloween. The real terror is spending more than you meant to, so have a spending plan in mind, and stick to it.

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