Consumer Watch: Dodging germs when you travel

A set of disinfectant wipes can help you avoid the most commonly germ filled areas while you travel. (file)

From drinking contaminated water to not drinking enough water, a lot of things can make you feel sick while you are traveling, and good luck trying to dodge germs.

Nothing ruins a vacation like getting sick, especially after spending all that money, it would be nice to be able to enjoy it. There are some common areas you will want give the once over to avoid germs that could make you sick.

Germs are everywhere, but according to the American Psychological Association, stress can weaken your immune system, and even for those who love it, travel can be stressful. Protecting your health protects your money when it comes to travel.

The inside of any airplane can be germ central because it's close quarters with a lot of people.

Travel website Travelmath checked out airline hygiene, and here is what it found: Places like air vents, tray tables, seat belt buckles, and the flush button in the bathroom are the dirtiest according to the site.

Carrying small disinfection wipes can help make sure your area is clean. You can also use these wipes to clear any germs in your hotel room.

Think of places like the flush handle in the bathroom, knobs for the sink, the television remote and light switches.

If your hotel room as glass cups versus plastic, that is more environmentally friendly, but it is important to wash these yourself before using them to ensure they are germ free.

There is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting. A 2014 study found that cleaning staff in hotels can spread viruses from one room to another. The study says that is because the rooms are being cleaned, but not necessarily properly disinfected.

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