Consumer Watch: December time to buy

Procrastination can mean savings for shoppers this time of year, but you may have to sacrifice something for the better deal (KOKH).

The beginning of a new month means a new saving potential. It is holiday shopping season, and sticking to good deals on gifts will mean you're not struggling to pay your bills later.

Sometimes procrastination has its perks. In this case, the closer we get to the Christmas Holiday, the more last minute sales you'll find. Keep in mind, this could affect variety, but you can get to a good deal. The end of Black Friday and Cyber Monday doesn't mean the end of deep discounts. Many retailers are rolling out different sales from now until the end of December.

Buys to consider--

Gift cards-- as we get closer to the holidays, many restaurants and some stores will have gift card sales.

This means you can get an extra 10 to 25 dollars for free if you spend a certain amount on a gift card. If you are considering the gift card route, ask if the company you're buying from expects to have any gift card specials before Christmas.

Televisions-- that's right, standing in line for hours after eating too much turkey isn't the only way to get a discount on a new television. Prices have increased since Black Friday, but sales will start up again in the middle of the month. Another savings tip-- don't focus too much on the brand. Consumer Reports tests out many different brands to see which can give you the right quality and price.

Cars-- ready to update your ride? December is a good time to do it, but only at the very end of the month. Yes, this may mean getting the perfect gift after Christmas, but car dealers will be more willing to move last year's model.

Also, expect to see clothing sales that are still good this time of year. It's a good time to buy a winter coat if you're looking for one.

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