Consumer Watch: Clothing rental industry booming


    Clothing rental sites are taking off as an industry. Fox 25 Consumer Watch spoke to local fashion bloggers to see what they have to say about these services, and their opinion on who it works for, and who may want to pass.

    Ashley Williams with Sass and Satin and Amanda Martin with Amanda’s OK looked at these companies:

    Rent the Runway.
    Le Tote
    The Ms. Collection
    Parcel 22

    Williams says the idea works for our newly heavily photographed society. Her favorite is Rent the Runway for one-time gown rentals.

    “That is a great idea. I love their stuff. A lot of it is higher end, and you get to look cute for a night, and then you are never going to wear it again,” says Williams.

    For her, choice is key. Williams says Le Tote seemed to be more everyday outfits, but they were all a surprise.

    Both bloggers say Parcel 22 has more relaxed clothing for everyday wear.

    The Ms. Collection has both professional and everyday looks, and is also a styling service.

    Martin with Amanda’s OK says styling services may work for a specific type of person.

    “For somebody that doesn't have a lot of fashion sense or doesn't have time to pick stuff out, it could be a great option,” says Martin.

    Martin’s favorite was also Rent the Runway, and she recommends the one time rentals for the occasional event over the commitment of a monthly service, unless the person has a large number of events to attend. One time rentals can often cost between 30 and 50 dollars for a gown that could be one thousand dollars to buy.

    If you are considering the monthly rental services that these companies offer, you’d get an assortment of items that you’d have to return before getting another set. Many of the monthly rental service start at 50 dollars and can go as high as 150 dollars. Talking budget, both blogger say they personally wouldn't recommend casual every day clothing rentals, but it could be a money saver if you want to wear statement clothing you won't wear much or gowns for special events.

    It's not just clothing Switch and Rocksbox are jewelry rental services. Whether you are into jewels or clothing there is a risk, damaging the product beyond repair usually mean you are on the hook, and have to buy it.

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