Consumer Watch: How to celebrate Halloween without breaking the bank


Three steps can keep the Halloween celebration at a low cost, and you can still get into the spirit of the holiday.

First up, you've got to get creative with the costume. Try your best to make it free by using what you already own. Lisa Rowan, a personal finance expert with The Penny Hoarder, says this will not only save you money, but result in a more creative, memorable, and standout costume.

“For example, think of that stereotypical tourist, the person who is wearing the Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts and flip flops with a big straw hat, and maybe carrying a camera. That is a really fun goofy costume,“ says Rowan.

If you are not into the silly costumes, and prefer something with a different style in mind, that is possible with stuff you already own too.

“A lot of ladies love the pin-up look. You can still pull out those swimsuit pieces, maybe wear some wedges, get some bright red lipstick, do your hair in rollers,” says Rowan.

Sports gear you already own, can also help you create a free costume.

Would you ever consider something a little more historical? Rowan does have a favorite.

“You know, if you want a cool historical costume, here at The Penny Hoarder we are always repping for Abe Lincoln, so if you happen to have maybe a top hat sitting around, and parts of a tux, you know it is just an idea,” says Rowan.

Other ways to save:

  • Buy candy that has a lower price tag. That might mean opting for something that is not the most popular candy of the season.
  • Commit to what you've bought. Avoid running out to the store the night of, once you've run out of candy.
  • Reuse decorations. Take good care of those Halloween decorations, and plan to use them year after year.

If you are missing a piece for your costume, check a thrift store over a traditional store first for money saving potential.

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