Consumer Watch: Big sales in May

Star Wars fans, moms, and fashion lovers, could find some great deals this time of year. (file)

The start of a new month means the potential for big savings on certain items. You have likely heard of this first sale in May. Here is a hint: May the forth be with you. Star Wars fans have something to be excited about. There are often Star Wars themed deals that day according to finance site NerdWallet.

Keep an eye out on good deals for both indoor and outdoor furniture in May. If the sale comes in the form of a rebate, be sure you follow through and mail it in, so you do get your money back.

Spring apparel should be on your radar too. Stores are clearing out the spring lines to make room for summer, and spring clothes are usually good to wear in the summer season too.

Mother's Day is also in May, and this year it is on Sunday may 13th. Keep an eye out for potential deals on common gifts for mom. The National Retail Federation says most people plan to spend about $180 on gifts this year. That money will go to things like jewelry, flowers, or dinner.

Right now is also a good time to start thinking about your summer or fall travel plans, and book those tickets. Booking early will ensure you get tickets before the prices go up. Remember, taking summer vacation in August tends to be cheaper than those taken in late June or in July.

Though May is a great time to stock up certain items, there are some things you may want to think twice about buying this time of year. Grills tend to be at their highest price point this time of the year, and so are laptops according to Consumer Reports.

In May, Americans also observe Memorial Day. There also tends to be major sales on that weekend. This year it falls on Monday, May 28.

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