Consumer Watch: Best deals in January

Each month certain items are discounted, so planning your shopping by month can save you money. (KOKH/PNG)

January is an important time to get over spending under control, but if a big-ticket item is in your budget, you could get a great deal this month. Whether you need to buy something to keep that New Year's resolution or finally buying an expensive item you've been saving for, here are your biggest potential savings according to Consumer Reports.

In January, keep an eye out for better prices on bedding. You may be able to get a cozier night's sleep, just a new look for your bed room, or the higher quality sheets you've been saving for. The best prices might be limited to certain types of designs.

Up next, maybe you missed some of the unreal televisions sales that are common at the end of November. You’re in luck, though, because January has some of its own discounts on televisions too. Don't expect the same type of slashed prices, but you might find what you need at a better price compared to next month. Consumer Reports also has a handy television guide to help you pick the brand that gives you the most for your money.

The new year may bring a new resolution, after all, 40-percent of Americans make New Year's resolutions. If yours relates to fitness, but you want the comfort of working out at home, look for fitness products in January. From free weights, to something more involved, like a treadmill, Consumer Reports says you are more likely to find sales on fitness equipment this month.

January is when retailers are pushing winter clothing out to make way for the early spring lines. So, keep an eye out for sales if you are still looking for a winter coat or snow boots.

One last January deal to watch for if you are traveling in January. Hotel costs tend to take a nose dive after the holidays.

If you are still trying to re-set your budget after major spending, don't feel pressured to do some major shopping this month. Televisions and bedding sales come around again later in the year. Hotel prices also go up and down throughout the year.

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