Consumer Watch: Best deals in February


The National Retail Federation says it expects fewer people to celebrate Valentine's day this year, but those who are celebrating may be spending more than in years past-- like 162 dollars in gifts. If you are getting ready to shop for your love bug--keep good deals in mind.

A few holidays this month mean the potential for deeper discounts during the shortest month of the year, but not everything will be a good deal.

Chocolates, candy, and flowers are all a solid go-to for Cupid. A lot of Valentine's Day themed items will likely cost a little more than usual, especially flower delivery on the big day. Buying a smaller arrangement, getting it a day early, and then delivering it yourself could be a major money saver. Take advantage of sales if you're looking to buy a watch or jewelry. You can expect there will be sales closer to Valentine's Day.

Another opportunity for savings comes during the President's Day celebration on the 18th this year. Other than clothing, expect to see sales on furniture, mattresses, and even some deals in tech.

If you like to save money by shopping out of season, February is a good time to do some winter clothing shopping. You are likely to see good deals on winter coats this month.

Never leave the house without a shopping plan because if you get overly excited about sales, you could end up spending more than you thought you would. Personal finance specialists say the key to deciding on your purchases is shop the sales, but only purchase something if you'd pay full price.

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