Consumer Watch: Best deals in February

Making certain major purchases in February could save you big bucks (KOKH).

Whether you are a digital or face-to-face shopper, a new month means a new potential for savings. It does seem like every week some store is having the biggest sale ever, but Consumer Reports has a breakdown of what items are usually on deep discount every month. Here is what to think about before you make major buys this month.

If the dry weather's got you in a funk, you'll find good deals on humidifiers. Consumer Reports recommends paying special attention to the output of the humidifier to make sure there is enough humidity being released into the air to make a difference.

People spend a third of their lives asleep, so if it's time of a new one, this could be your month. Before you buy, get familiar with return policies, so you can know what to do if that mattress isn't as comfortable as you thought it would be.

Consumer Reports says February is also a great time to buy indoor furniture, but you should expect a more limited fabric selection during a big sale. Ask about possible negotiations on floor models. If you are happy with the condition, the savings could be even greater.

Keep an eye out for good prices on washers and dryers too. The new models are out now, so if you're lucky enough to find a model from last year on the floor, there is potential for a good deal.

You'll start seeing many tax return sales starting soon. Making a big purchase with that money could help avoid an impact to your regular budget. If you are choosing to do this, remember to save a percentage of that return to keep building those savings habits.

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