Consumer Watch: Best deals in December

Historically good deals in December. (KOKH/file)

We've just stepped out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but the shopping season isn't over yet. If you are not sure what to buy for those last few people on your list, you can focus on items that are historically discounted this time of year.

Waiting until the last minute to make a purchase can have its upside because as we get closer to the end of the month you will find more last-minute sales for things like clothing, gift baskets, or even gift cards.

Yes, gift cards specials are common in December, and you are basically getting money for free. From chain to local businesses right here in Oklahoma City. You can find businesses giving you up to 20 free dollars toward a gift card when you spend a certain amount. Gift cards might seem like an impersonally gift, but the younger generations tend to prefer them because many people are now more focused on gifting experiences over things.

If you are thinking a new television might make the perfect gift, there is a little bad news-- prices have generally gone up since Black Friday, but historically you'll find sales again starting later in December. You can save some money depending on the brand you select. Consumer Reports tests out many different television brands, so a little research could get you the right quality and price.

If you are looking to splurge, then a new car maybe on the horizon. Focus on buying closer to the end of the month. Car dealers could be more willing to move the 2018 model as they start to focus on the 2019 cars already on the lot.

When it comes to clothing-- whether you need a new coat or a new pair of shoes-- expect to see clothing and shoe sales that are more deeply discounted than other times of year, through December.

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