Consumer Watch: Best companies to work for in Oklahoma City


A job you love at a high-paying and stable company sure sounds like a dream.

Job and career resource site Zippia says it wants to help you find the best job for your experience, and its list of the top 20 companies to work for in Oklahoma City could help you reach your career goals faster.

Zippia says it selected its top companies to work for based on three main factors, and to find those factors, they went right to the source.

“We went to talk to job seekers, and asked them what kind of things were important to them when considering a company,” says Drew Walters, Zippia marketing strategist.

The site says it found that this is what job seekers cared about the most:

  • Financial health: meaning how stable the job would be.
  • Salaries: making sure that your job pays better than other similar jobs in your field.
  • Diversity: job seekers say education, gender, and ethnic diversity would make a company more appealing.

“The idea being essentially to hopefully compile a more objective list, a data driven list, of the best companies to work for,” says Walters.

The No. 1-ranked company is Devon Energy. Devon did have major layoffs a few months back, and there are other energy companies on the list that have had financial problems in the recent past too, like Sandridge. Zippia says they considered the companies long-term data, and not just current events, to determine stability.

Top 5 companies to work for in Oklahoma City

  1. Devon Energy
  2. INTEGRIS Health
  3. Continental Resources
  4. American Fidelity
  5. OGE Energy

There are 20 companies on the Zippia's list of best companies to work for in OKC. Click here to find the full list.

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