Consumer Watch: Being happier at your job

Increasing Job Satisfaction (KOKH).

Most people are relatively happy with their job according to an employee survey from Society for Human Resource Management. It shows job satisfaction as somewhat high for participants, still, some 40-percent of people expressed wanting to work somewhere else within the next year. The biggest reason they leave is low pay.

If low pay is a reason you are looking for other opportunities, that might be more difficult to control, but there are career moves to focus on if you are looking for more job satisfaction.

Happy employees are often more productive employees, so working on job satisfaction, may help you have a better attitude at work, and could eventually turn to a bigger pay check-- whether that happens where you currently work or somewhere else.

The 2017 survey from the Society for Human Resource Management shows value placed in an employer’s commitment to professional development. Another major value includes career advancement opportunities. Many participating employees report they are not satisfied with how these values are handled at their current work place.

Shane Phillips with Work Ready Oklahoma says time spent at a company could be a factor.

“If you are able to stick with an organization, the chances of your advancement go up with or without training. Just longevity with an organization really lines up an avenue for you to advance,” says Phillips, Employment Development Manager with Work Ready Oklahoma.

You can make your own opportunities too. Phillips says employees should talk to their managers about advancement opportunities, so they can develop the right skills for a new position.

Another way to create advancement opportunities is to get certified in the right things. Francis Tuttle Technology Center says it will help students gain new skills on their own timeline, and if you already have some of the required skills, the process will be faster.

“We won't make you take those skills again. You can just demonstrate mastery in those areas. We will take you exactly where you are at, and let you proceed through the curriculum as fast as you'd like to go,” says Jarred Scott, Assistant Superintendent of Instruction.

Often that can mean gaining new computer skills important for something like a tech or administrative professional. New skills and certifications often make you more desirable as a candidate for a job opening at your current company or a new one.

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