Consumer Watch: BBB Scam Tracker helps consumers uncover more scams


Phone scams, mail scams, and even in person—fraudsters know how to keep up with the times. Thousands of people in Oklahoma are the victims of scams every year, and many of them happen online. It can start as simply as an unsolicited pop-up. The Better Business Bureau of Central Oklahoma says there are ways to protect yourself with the BBB Scam Tracker.

“It gives you real time up to date information, and it is not weeks after something has happened,” says Kitt Letcher, BBB of Central Oklahoma, president and CEO.

The BBB Scam Tracker is a national data base with real time information. It allows people to zoom in and see the data by location. You can see how many scams have been reported and a list with what the scams were, as well as how much money was lost. Consumers self-report what they saw, and providing detailed reports can help others avoid scammers the next time they strike.

“Phone numbers, maybe what the person looked like, if they did door-to-door sales, they saw a specific Facebook post what that looked like. It allows them to add in extra information that you might not see on other review sites, “says Letcher.

Scams don't usually stay in one area. They will start somewhere and spread. These BBB of Central Oklahoma says these are the scams to watch for in Oklahoma right now.

Tax scams--

If you get a call or text saying you owe the IRS money, that's a red flag. The IRS contacts tax payers through mail first, and you are asked to contact them. Always double check that the numbers you are asked to call match listed business lines.

Employment scams--

If you are asked to pay money before you are hired, or asked to cash a check and send money back, that's a red flag.

Pet scams--

If you are looking to buy a dog or exotic animal online, and pay first, you run the risk of never getting the animal or your money back.

Just this month, consumers have reported five possible scams in Oklahoma, with victims losing more than two thousand dollars.

Take a look at the scams happening in your area or report one yourself by clicking here.

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