Consumer Watch: Avoiding the holiday cleaning stress

Simple cleaning tasks will make your home look much cleaner for company, even if you don't check all the items off your list (KOKH).

Holiday stress is no joke. A US research firm says more people report feeling stressed this time of year. Most people also say they deal with the stress by jumping into bad habits like over eating. According to the Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research Group, both men and women want to do the best for their families, like making sure the house look nice for their visit.

One of the best ways to fight holiday stress is to have a plan whether it's about hosting or buying gifts. Make sure big cleaning projects are done well before visitors come, and if you can't get to everything that's ok.

Here are some top recommendations for what you should really clean before company comes.

Door knobs and handles: this is an easy one but important to avoid people getting sick while visitors are in town.

Trash cans and your shower heads: These small items will make your home look much cleaner more quickly, and they are items overnight guest will definitely use.

Washing machines: If your clothes smell funky, or you see weird build up or stains, it's time. A few weeks before guest come is good. This way your machine won't stink up your overnight guests' clothes.

On the plus side, all the people in the research study reported feeling many happy and loving feelings this time of year. With a plan in hand, you can do your best to leave stress behind, and focus on the good parts of family time.

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