Consumer Watch: April shopping deals

Historically low prices on certain purchases could save you money in April (FILE).

The way people shop is changing according the National Retail Federation, subscription boxes are a new option more consumers are showing interest in purchasing, but there is still room to grow with only 16-percent of people saying they currently subscribe. Often, subscription boxes offer consumers the opportunity to test out brand new products to decide if they would like to purchase full size products or purchase clothing they try on.

The one thing all shoppers are still looking for is a good deal.

If you have been thinking about making a big purchase or splurging on some new clothing's, April could be your month to buy some historically discounted items.

The warmer weather might have you thinking of shopping for new clothes. April could be full of good deals because all the spring lines are starting to go on sale. Retailers are prepping their shelves for the summer lines.

There will also be some little seen sales this month at grocery stores. Earth day is on April 22 this year, and that means many retailers will be putting organic or environmentally friendly cleaning products on special.

If you have put off doing your taxes, time is running out. Some tax preparation software deals will pop-up closer to the deadline.

As for bigger ticket items, you can expect to start seeing computer and laptop sales starting in April. However, pricing experts at Consumer Reports recommend waiting until closer to the beginning of a new school year when prices tend to be at their lowest.

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