Consumer Watch: Free resources that can answer your personal finance questions

The CFPB provides free personal finance information for consumers. (KOKH)

If you've resolved to take control of your debt, but you are feeling overwhelmed, Fox 25 Consumer Watch has got your back with free resources. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says knowing where all your money is going is the first step in taking control of your debt.

The CFPB says it can help you figure that out how financially stable you might be, with a questionnaire.

Top red flags when it comes to your finances include regularly being behind on bills, never having any money left at the end of the month, and not having a plan for your financial future.

Smaller clues that your finances need more work include constant worry that the money you save won't last, thinking you couldn't handle a major expense, and thinking that giving someone a gift could put you into financial problems.

The CFPB says you can better your financial situation by learning more about personal finance, and you can do that by using free resources online. Then, figure out your financial behavior. You learn this by tracking your spending and creating a budget. A huge factor in your financial health does include your financial situation. What you make and your expenses can create problems, but having a budget can help you figure out how to solve them.

Reworking your habits-- like eating out or shopping too much, can help you redirect your money into a savings account. If you can follow that budget long term, you will likely get to a place of financial wellbeing.

For a look at some of the CFPB’s educational content, you can click here.

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