Consumer Watch: Americans spending more than last year on Halloween

Gummy boogers among popular candies you can expect to see this Halloween (KOKH).

Halloween spending is up by one billion dollars this year compared to last year according to a new survey. The National Retail Federation reports their survey shows people are making more room in their budgets to celebrate Halloween. This year people report they plan to spend $86.13, compared to last year’s figure of about $82.93. Nearly everyone celebrating Halloween this year will be buying candy.

“This year, we have the return of the gummy boogers which is always hysterical -- I know, everyone dies about them but they are one of our bestselling gummies for Halloween, only followed by the gummy brains which are my favorite,” says Teresa Wall, 42nd Street Candy Company Owner.

Wall says her customers look for something creative for the spooky holiday, and from jars full of eyeballs to pumpkin spice almonds, they have a lot to choose from. What about the candy corn debate?

“Candy corn is the first thing we sell out of every year -- so people love it? -- they really, really do,” says Wall of how the dollars and cents fall on this one.

Some tradition sharing between holidays has also been good for business.

“We are even seeing people do, instead of just doing a gingerbread house for Christmas, they are doing haunted houses, they are starting to do haunted houses for Halloween,” says Wall.

This is the start of a welcome busy season for local candy shops. During Halloween the 42Nd Street Candy Company is working on Thanksgiving thank you baskets, and people will soon be placing Christmas orders.

If you haven't had a chance to eat every single type of candy you wanted, no big deal, not everything is going away. There are now some Thanksgiving and Fall themed treats you can expect will be sticking around.

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