Consumer Watch: Americans paying hundreds in subscriptions every month


Are you in a subscription black hole? A study shows the average cost of subscription spending is about 237 dollars a month. We may know what we want to cancel to save money, but most people lack the follow-through.

Americans think that subscriptions will save them money-- and they can, but spending can also quickly get out of hand. Here is what might be included in that nearly 240 dollar a month charge:

- Mobile phone
- WIFI services
- Streaming video services
- Games
- Subscription boxes.

The study shows that people are most aware of what they are spending a month on their phones and internet service, but often forget about the monthly charges of some apps or regular subscription boxes, like meal services.

Apps like True Bill, Bobby, and Trim can help you keep track of your subscriptions, and see what you're using and what might need to go. Canceling can be a pain because most businesses make it easy to sign up, but to end the service requires a phone call, and you will likely need to speak to someone who hopes to convince you to stay. Remember-- it's a customer service agent's job to keep business so, expect them to ask you a couple of times if you are sure you want to cancel. Just politely say you want to end the service until they've asked the required number of times.

Watch for repeat services if you are trying to save money. Maybe you have four video streaming services, but only really use two. Cutting out the others will save you money fast, and you can always sign-up again if you really need them.

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