Republicans break 1 million registered voters in Oklahoma ahead of November election


The Oklahoma State Board of Election says that Republicans, Independents and Libertarians have all broken records for numbers of registered voters ahead of the November election.

The agency says that as of Nov. 1 they have 2,120,843 voters registered in the state. That number is up nearly 105,000 since January. Here is a breakdown of the voters:

  • Republicans: 1,003,182
  • Democrats: 781,091
  • Independents: 327,895
  • Libertarians: 8,675

The board of elections says that no party has had more than one million registered voters since Nov. 2010, when Democrats broke that number. Since January, Republicans have gained 60,5621 voters, Independents 29,028, Democrats 11,319 and Libertarians 3,778. As of 12:30 p.m. Thursday, more than 18,000 Oklahomans had participated in early voting statewide.

Voters will decide on a new governor, several state offices, multiple state questions and more in an important mid-term election Nov. 6. Early voting for that election began Thursday.

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