How much does the state spend on 'I Voted' stickers?

The State of Oklahoma has spent $5,000 on "I voted" stickers in 2016. (KOKH)

I voted.

If you went to the polls you might have been given one a small sticker to show your friends and family that you took part in the democratic process. To some it is a small token of appreciation, to others a matter of pride.

Those stickers are also a part, however small, of the state budget for elections.

The Oklahoma State Election Board spent $5,000 on stickers so far this year. For that money the state received 1,500 rolls, which contain 1,000 “I Voted” stickers on each roll. For those who do not want to do the math, that equals 1.5 million stickers.

The State Election Board told FOX 25 the stickers are distributed to county election boards. The counties decide which elections to hand out stickers. Some precincts give them out every time the polls are open, and some only provide them for major elections. If a county runs out of stickers they can choose to dip into their own budgets to purchase more stickers.

Oklahoma typically spends between $5,000 and $7,000 a year on stickers. This year the Election Board said they waited to purchase the stickers because of the budget situation in order to make sure there was enough money to carry out a general election.

The election board said stickers act as a marketing tool and a way to promote elections as well as remind voters to go to the polls. The state has little money to promote voting, but the stickers help fill in that roll. Because, as people post pictures on social media with their newly received badge of democracy they are helping remind other voters to get to the ballot box.

So your “I Voted” sticker cost $0.003, but your participation in the democratic process, priceless.

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