The Man Leading Serve Moore

Chris Fox with Serve Moore

As an Oklahoman, Chris Fox couldn't just stand by and watch the suffering from the May tornado. So he and a few friends decided to help clean up the mess.

"So we said if you want to #Serve Moore with us, come the next day to the Community Center," Fox said.

He was very surprised when 3,000 people showed up. They cleaned the cemetery, the community center lawn, and the streets of Old Town.

"It was just like water going everywhere," he said. "These volunteers with brooms and rakes and shovels and bags, went all over and began to clean up debris."

Help continued to pour in. At the end of the first week, Serve Moore had 10,000 volunteers.

"We ended 2013 with about 50,000 volunteers."

Eventually Fox decided to make Serve Moore official.

"So we began the process of the application for non-profit status and setting up the structures," he said.

At that point, Serve Moore expanded across the metro by doing individual projects: cleaning parks, building handicap ramps, and rebuilding homes.

I met up with Fox at the home Serve Moore is rebuilding for Janneh, the metro teen shot and paralyzed while riding his bike near his parent's snow cone stand.

"(We're incorporating) everything from a lift rail in the ceiling to this specially--made entertainment center that's going to house a television and his computer he can control from his eyes," he said.

Fox says through projects like Janneh's house, Serve Moore saved Oklahoma homeowners half a million dollars last year.

Because of the growth of Serve Moore, I wanted to get some advice for other Oklahomans interested in starting their own non-profit.

First - Fox says develop relationships and get to know the people already leading your community.

Second - Utilize the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and the Oklahoma Center for Non-Profits. Those groups help non-profits with funding and assist in finding them opportunities to help.

Third - Develop partnerships with area businesses and churches. Serve Moore teamed up with KG Construction, Home Modifications By Therapists, and Home Depot.

"All of those have helped us make Janneh's project possible," he said.

It's the projects that Fox most enjoys because serving others is what Serve Moore is all about.

"Going from some of the worst times in people's lives to where we can make it the best time of their life is incredible."

Click here if you'd like more information on Serve Moore or if you'd to donate money.

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