The Bundle Up Club of Oklahoma

{}"I was scared to tell my mom that I wanted to do something to help them," Maddie Morgan said.Maddie and her sister Morgan were coming home from the Texas State Fair when they spotted some homeless people on the side of the road. It was the moment that changed the lives of these twins from Ada. It was the moment The Bundle Up Club was born."We didn't really have a plan, didn't know who to contact," said Deidra Manning, the twin's mother. "We just started making stuff and went from there."These crafty kids decided to turn their passion into a nonprofit. It's their mission to make a difference in the world by providing handmade hats, scarves, and blankets for anyone in need.Maddie handles most of the crocheting and knitting. Morgan makes the blankets."You cut 4x4 inches on the corners on all of them and you just cut strips down the side the same length as the corner goes down," Morgan said. "Then you just tie them in a double knot."Their motto comes from a scripture - "It's a cold world outside, let's blanket them in His love."And that's just what these two did when they teamed up with a blanket ministry in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for their first act of kindness."All we saw were smiles on their faces, they just kept thanking us, they were so grateful," Maddie said. "And that just made me want to do more."Next came Project Baby Bundle, a 10-week endeavor to provide hats and blankets to women with unplanned pregnancies.Now The Bundle Up Club is preparing hats and blankets for kids with cancer at the Jimmy Everest Center at OU Medical."We'd really love to give 75 or 100 (blankets and hats) but 50 is the bottom number we're shooting for," said Deidra.To date, these young hands have crocheted, knitted, and tied together about 275 blankets, 400 hats, and 130 scarves."You feel so good when you see somebody else just thank you for something they were never able to get," said Morgan."I just think it's really great they have a heart for others, that they can see a need that's there, and not only can they see it they're willing to meet it," said Deidra.
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