Tell Me Something Good: Jason Hall

Jason Hall, right, survived being burned over 80% of his body and is now trying to help others affected by trauma. (KOKH)

A car accident during his time at Putnam City High School changed the course of Jason Hall's life.

"I fell face first ," Jason said, "I tripped over the seatbelt, I was in the back seat and I fell face first into a puddle of gasoline."

The fire burned 80-percent of Jason's body. He says he spent three months at Baptist Burn Center surviving a hundred surgeries.

"But the biggest thing that saved my life was they did an experimental surgery on me."

Doctors took skin from Jason's shoulder and sent it to Boston where doctors grew skin cells in petri dishes. The skin grafts were sent back to Jason and applied to his burns.

"I was the first person to have that done over a large portion of their body." Jason says.

Jason's doctors said his body would never be the same, he'd live a sheltered life at home with his mother

"I mean my hands are pretty much toast. They were burnt to bone."

Doctors worked miracles on his body, but they underestimated his mind.

"They don't know me very well because I'm not a person to give up and never have been."

Jason returned to high school, finished college with a degree in psychology, and then had several careers in real estate and customer service.

Now he owns his own business - Vivid Carpets.

"This is something that's so new," Jason says, "I mean there's only a handful of companies in the world that are doing it...and it's a much needed service."

You might say he's giving old carpets and rugs a new lease on life.

"We can come in and if we can't get it out with traditional methods, then we can bleach the stain out and then dye it back to the original color,"Jason says.

Jason's will to survive saved him and now he wants to save others. He's hired a military veteran and he's looking for others who've survived trauma or war.

"Say we have a military veteran that was in a wheelchair and unable to get a job. I can train them on how to do this, and bring them rugs to fix and they never have to leave their home," Jason reports.

He wants to give others a second chance at a full life just like he was given.

"Especially people who have gone through something like I have, a lot of times they give up hope, they think they'll never be able to do anything. (They say things like) you know I'll never amount to anything, never be able to make a living. This is a way that they can and I want to help as many people as I can."

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