Shiloh Camp - The Best Week Ever For Metro Kids

There's a hidden treasure in Oklahoma City."40 acres of rolling hills, grass, ponds, animals," said Stephan Moore, Executive Director at Shiloh Camp. "All kinds of fun stuff."Shiloh Camp is a place where inner city kids climb to new heights with love."(We have) young adults who are loving on these kids making it the absolute best week of their summer," Stephan said.Stephan and his wife, Scotia, are the reason these kids have a place to come and learn about God. Their goal is to transform kids with the love of Christ through sports, arts, and meaningful relationships."We want them to be equipped, trained, and developed because we do what we're confident in doing," Stephan said. "Nobody really leads if they're not confident."For Isaiah Fields, Shiloh Camp is where he learned the "real" ABCs."A stands for accepting God, that you're accepting God into your heart. B means believing in God, that means you believe in God. And C is including God into your heart and also your surroundings," This time in the sun, walking high above the ground, is a life changer for the kids. So much so, several return as counselors when they're too old to be campers.It's really cool because they're coming back here, they go through all our training, and now they're investing in the lives of children in the community," Stephan said.Brittany Taylor is back to be a counselor for the girls.I really felt the call of God here," she said. "I tried to ignore it for a really long time.Sherman Carter was a camper for two years. Now he's back as a groundskeeper.This gives kids a place to be during the summer, because there can be a lot of bad, not-so-good places for these kids," he said. "And they chose to come here and this is a God environment.But Shiloh Camp isn't just for kids. Stephan and Scotia want to reach the whole family. One of their programs is called a Parents Forum."(It's) where we have an opportunity to encourage parents, to bless them, to pray with them, to give them practical hands-on life training opportunities," Scotia said.They know it's tough raising children, they have 10 of their own. But with the help of God, they're preparing the campers to walk with God.
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