Oklahoma's Sugar Free Allstars

Oklahoma's Sugar Free Allstars at a dance party.(KOKH)

Boom and Dr. Rock are living the dream in Oklahoma. They're singing to screaming fans who love their rock and roll dance parties.

"(We've played in) NYC, Los Angeles, Kansas City, places like that," said Dr. Rock, who's also known as Rob Martin.

The goals of the dance parties are to get kids off their feet and singing their tunes. Their playlist includes songs about hoodies, monster toy trucks, and banana pudding.

These two cater to children and adults with kid-friendly songs.

But it hasn't always been like this. Boom (Chris Wiser) and Martin met in a jazz band while students at Southwestern OSU. After college, they played in some country bands, then life led them astray.

But in 2001, they reunited, and started writing and recording family-oriented albums.

"People that had kids that would buy our albums, said their kids loved the songs," said Wiser.

It didn't take long for them to find their niche.

"So we kinda started coming up with silly songs," Wiser said. "Some about cats, some about taking a bath and all that stuff."

The Sugar Free Allstars were born.

"So now we have evolved into a family-funk, super duo," said Wiser.

Each song comes with a message and each dance party elicits a similar response.

"The kids want to scream, and yell, and get loud and dance," said Wiser. "They don't care if their friends are doing it or not. And we encourage them do to it very much."

These days the Sugar Free Allstars are expanding with T-shirts and their familiar bow ties available on their web site.

But the music will always be first and foremost.

"We want our funky jams to be enjoyed by any one, regardless of dietary restrictions," said Wiser.

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