Oklahoma town gathers to help Hailey

Oklahoma Town Gathers To Help Hailey

Hailey Baskeyfield is a force to be reckoned with.

"Nothing's difficult with Haley Baskeyfield," she exclaimed.

Hailey is the state Braille champion, loves school and her friends, and she's one of the most entertaining kids around.

"Of course I am," she said.

But life hasn't been easy. Hailey was born blind and with a spinal condition.

"We're talking close to a 150 degree turn in her spine," said Tami Baskeyfield, her mother.

Hailey has Jarco-Levin Syndrome. The curvature of her spine has caused one of her lungs to become compressed, so Hailey is always short of breath and easily gets tired.

"I don't like being blind and I don't like having Jarcho-Levin because I have to stay out of school," Hailey said.

Her mother calls her a blessing.

"She doesn't forget anything," Tami said. "So when she asks me a question, I don't answer with what I think the answer might be, I actually have to do research."

Hailey's parents are 100% honest when talking to her about her condition. They've taught her to always be positive.

"Realistic of course, because she does have to learn to advocate because she's going to have these conditions for the rest of her life," Tami said. "So she has to learn about them."

But Hailey's life is about to change. In April she's headed to Philadelphia for two operations.

"Yes, I'm half scared to death about it and oh it's fine," she said.

Doctors will take out some of the curvature in her spine. The operations are very serious, but Hailey is trying to stay positive just like her parents taught her.

"I'm going to grow like 2 or 3 inches on the operating table," she said.

Although the medical expenses will be picked up by the children's hospital, Hailey and her parents need help with living expenses. So they've decided to hold a "fun-raiser."

It's a fundraiser without the D," she said.

There will be lots of items up for auction, raffles, all kinds of food, live entertainment, and much more. It's all thanks to their hometown of Noble.

"It's just an incredible community with a heart bigger than the town is," Tami said. "That's for sure!"

Hailey is hoping all of Oklahoma stops by to say hi.

"Here's my motto: have fun and raise a little mun (money)."

If you'd like to help Hailey, the "fun-raiser" is being held Sunday, March 13 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm at the Moose Lodge in Norman. Charity Pickup and Felina Rivera, two local entertainers, will be performing.

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