Elsa Lives In Oklahoma City!

"Elsa's coming over and it's my birthday!"

Addy Steele couldn't be more excited. She's turning 7 and Elsa from the movie "Frozen" is at her birthday party.

"She gets to paint my face," Addy said.

"Every birthday I've gone to has just been a blast," said Elsa. "And there's never been a dull moment."

It's all fun and games today, but the first time Addy met Elsa it was for a much different reason. Addy lost a member of her family. Her life would never be the same.

"Addy's daddy had passed away a few weeks prior, and I was asked to go to her home and help mend her broken heart," said Christen Miller, the woman underneath the make-up and beautiful blue gown. She's a devoted wife and mother of two. She's also the loving Oklahoman who brings Elsa to life to help families deal with tough situations.

"She talked about how she had lost her parents when she was young because the character Elsa had lost her parents as well," said Addy's mother, Amy Steele. Because of her, Amy's family was able to make it through some very tough times.

Miller's words and her joyful heart helped the entire family deal with the loss.

"She did talk about how Aaron was in heaven with God now and just made that more of a joyful thing rather than being all sad," said Amy.

"Underneath Elsa I get fed, too and I share my love with them," said Miller. "I put myself in the children's position of how would I feel. So I just love on them. Love, love love."

Being Elsa is a full-time gig for Miller. She's given up her nine to five job. Now in addition to birthday parties, she visits children in and out of the hospital, and makes appearances at day cares. She's spreading her love throughout the metro, one Oklahoman at a time.

"It was an amazing day. It was just like everything else had just faded," said Amy when describing Elsa's first visit. "All the things we were going through just disappeared. They smiled and laughed, it was amazing."

"I'm just a silly girl who loves people," said Miller. "I love to spread love even when I'm not dressed as Elsa."

If you'd like to contact Christen Miller, send an email to

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