How do you stop those annoying robo calls?

How do you stop those annoying robo calls? (KOKH)

A robotic voice promising you a free cruise or threatening jail time for supposedly owed debts.

These types of calls seem to be endlessly streaming through your phone, but there is a way to fight back.

First Orion, a tech security firm, is e. The company’s estimates come as it launches a new product that looks to cut down on the number of calls. One thing is certain, robocalls are coming at an increased rate. During a Fox 25 Consumer Watch Facebook Live, viewers reported getting some 10 calls a day.

There are products on the market to help you kill the robocall, but one of the easiest to use may be in your phone now.

“I actually use the built-in block call feature on my iPhone. I have blocked more than 50 spam callers to date, but there's a lot of robocall prevention apps out there that you can use for little to no cost,” says Stephanie Bolling, a personal finance expert with The Penny Hoarder.

Your carrier can also help you block spam calls. Minimum protections will be free, but you can ask about premium call protections that might cost a few bucks a month. Then there are apps like Nomorobo and RoboKiller that could also be a part of your tool kit.

Though robocalls can be annoying, they are not all scams. The robocalls that are looking to scam you out of money, are the dangerous problem because they are difficult to stop. Advancements in tech give them better tools to hide behind.

“They use a tool called an auto-dialer which allows them to reach millions of callers a day, and they hide behind fake caller IDs and that makes them really hard to track down and prosecute,” says Bolling.

See a local number that turns out to be a spam or potential scam? That's called neighborhood spoofing. Bolling says it's about playing the odds and increasing the chance you'll pick up. Bottom line — if you don't know the number, don't pick up. Even answering the call will make it more likely you'll get more of them. If you are curious, you can call the number back, and if it's not someone you know, block that number.

Once your number is on the do not call list, it won't expire, but if you get a new number, you will need to register it.

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