Mobile urgent care revolutionizing healthcare

    Mobile urgent care revolutionizing healthcare

    You can get just about anything delivered right to your door these days, sometimes in a matter of hours. Now you can add healthcare to the list. House calls are nothing new. But now they are more convenient and more comprehensive. And they just might be revolutionizing healthcare.

    It's like an entire health clinic on wheels. On board there's state of the art equipment and a two person medical team.

    "Anything that can be done in a brick and mortar urgent care, we can do in your home," said Amy Evans, a spokesperson for DispatchHealth.

    FOX 25 tagged along with DispatchHealth as they made a house call on the south side. Their patient, Christopher, is mostly wheel chair bound. They were there to check his lungs after recently treating him for asthma.

    "It's great, because I'm not taking him out to expose him to other viruses and stuff," said Jeanie Olinger, Christopher's mother. "That's your biggest concern this time of year."

    The team was able to start Christopher's treatment right on the spot, even getting x rays in his home. This potentially avoided a costly hospital stay. That's one way these house calls are driving down healthcare costs.. DispatchHealth tells us the average ER bill in Oklahoma City is upwards of $2,500. With Dispatch, it's your regular urgent care copay. Don't have insurance? It's a flat rate of $275. That includes any treatments and tests.

    Evans said, "Everywhere we go we hear, 'Why haven't we known about you? Why haven't you been here before?'"

    As word gets out, demand is booming. DispatchHealth is doubling its capabilities in the metro by adding another vehicle, extending hours, and expanding their service area.

    Mom of three young boys, Lauren Lucas, had recently spent a week visiting doctors offices with 3 children in tow as strep made the rounds in her family. when she suspected an ear infection in her youngest son, a friend suggested a house call.

    "The last thing i wanted to do was sit in a doctor's office again," Lucas said.

    Lucas download the app, and within 90 minutes a DispatchHealth team arrived at her home.

    "I will use them every time over an urgent care if I can," she said. "It's so much easier. I mean, when you don't feel good, you don't want to sit in a doctor's office. You just want to be at home, in the comfort of your own home."

    Busy moms like Lucas make up a lot of the calls. The service is also popular with seniors, who often can't get around easily.

    "This is absolutely a glimpse into the future," said Evans. "Eventually we'll probably see the entire healthcare experience stay in the home."

    There are potentially big changes in health care on the horizon, all thanks to a modern twist on the old way of getting care.

    DispatchHealth currently accepts Blue Cross, Medicare, and Medicaid. You can learn more or request a visit at

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