The So Help Me's LIVE!


The So Help Me's joined us today in support of breast cancer awareness.

We were entertained by 4 members of the 5-piece group (our studio is too small to accomodate a drummer). The group’s members hail from all corners of Oklahoma, and their collective schooling in jazz, classical, and contemporary music combine in a combination they call "existential rock." They formed in 2014.

Normally the group's music is a bit more electrified. Today they were primarily acoustic, and performed a brand-new song they wrote just for their appearance on our show (isn't that COOL?). The name of this brand-new song is "No New Oceans."

They were on our show to promote the AMPFest, a day-long celebration of music by women. The festival takes place SATURDAY (Aug 27) in Automobile Alley in OKC. The So Help Me's are scheduled to perform at 4:10PM.

The group formed in 2014. Singers Lindsey Cox and Bailey Pelletier talked to Shelby about the band and AMPFest. Scroll down from the top and look for the clip title So Help Me's Interview.

For a full line-up of the acts, go to

The So Help Me's Social Media:

Twitter: @thesohelpmes



Instagram: @thesohelpmes


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