Crystal Prairie Beefalo


Tamara Gearhart - Ranch Manager & Operator of Crystal Prairie, a small family owned and operated ranch that specializes as the only Oklahoma farm to raise and sell natural USDA certified grass-fed Beefalo meat, tells us about the health-conscious Beefalo meat.

Crystal Prairie USDA Certified grass-fed Beefalo meat is different than any other red meat as it offers a superior nutritional profile, juicy and flavorful taste.

Look for Crystal Prairie Beefalo and get a free tasting at the following events:

The Tulsa Route 66 Marathon Health Expo on November 17-18th
The Indie trunk show in OKC on December 9th.

SPECIAL FOR Living Oklahoma viewers!
The First Five viewers to reserve their order by December 15 will receive 10% off their hanging weight price

Crystal Prairie is USDA certified grass-fed registered beefalo meat raised in Chickasha. Call them up today at (405) 320-2543

Visit their website
On Facebook: /Crystal Prairie Beefalo

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