Changed Lives: Ryan's Ride

Ryan's Ride

A dream come true for a girl Living Oklahoma first introduced you to in Changed Lives with Malcolm Tubbs series.

Her name is Ryan Scroggins and she has a rare joint disorder, just like her mentor, Oklahoma Outdoorsman Todd Craighead. It is the result of their limbs and muscle around them not fully developing while still in the womb. It hasn't stopped Todd and he has been mentoring kids like Ryan for years, teaching them that they can overcome obstacles and 9-year old Ryan is doing just that.

Now others are rallying around Ryan. Her mom's Facebook post sparked an act of kindness. The post noted that Ryan told her mother "when i grow up i want to be in a motorcycle club and get me a motorcycle... It would be perfect for me because my knees don't bend so I could ride one." Dozens of bikers came out to Norman to help make her dream a reality. Fox 25's Caroline Vandergriff was there to capture the moment.

Each month here on Living Oklahoma, Malcolm stops by to share a stories of changed lives, maybe yours or someone you know.

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