Metro woman overcomes stage four breast cancer to see birth of grandson

Debbie Richards. (Courtesy of the Richards' family)

For 26 years, Debbie Richards worked as a physical therapist technician at INTEGRIS. She was the picture of good health. Richards ate well, exercised, and never missed a meat. She, like many others, thought a mammogram was unnecessary.

"I was in my late forties, I was healthy. I worked in the health field. It just didn't even cross my mind," Richards said.

Today, Richards is lucky to be alive. She has been in remission for six and a half years. Something that has left doctors in shock. That's because, when Richards went to them in 2011, they diagnosed her with stage four breast cancer.

"Tears were rolling down," Richards recalls.

Her tumor marker was at 139, which is off the charts. This type of cancer is extremely difficult to treat. Her prognosis was not good.

"I was diagnosed and then a couple days later I was in chemo treatment," Richards said.

Richards was determined to survive to see the birth of her grandson.

"Just fight. That's all that cancer is. It's a fight so if you can fight it you can beat it," Richards said.

Today, Richards still receives treatment but is doing well. She enjoys going for walks with her husband, going for long drives in the country and spending time with her grandchildren. She also wants to let every woman know the importance of getting checked for breast cancer, even if nothing seems wrong. It could save your life.

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