Get Pink: Getting acupuncture to help with chemo side effects


Chinese medicine could help you conquer chemo. At the INTEGRIS Cancer Institute of Oklahoma's Wellness Center, patients with breast and other cancers, can get acupuncture to help with side effects.

"Every time I come, I just feel so much more relaxed," said patient Krista Price.

Price decided to try acupuncture after her first round of chemo for breast cancer treatment.

"I was in a state at that time, where I was willing to do whatever I needed to feel better," she said.

She said acupuncture made a big difference. Price said she'd bring in lists of side effects she was dealing with and acupuncturist Seneca Dewbre would help alleviate them with a pick of a needle.

"We're integrating our practices and doing the best for the patient overall," Dewbre said.

She said it helped with symptoms including insomnia, bone aches, nausea and energy.

Price especially needed to bring her energy up, because she's a new mom. She was diagnosed with breast cancer while 26 weeks pregnant.

"I found the lump myself and really just knocked it off as a clogged milk duct but I had to go back to the doctor a week later," she said. "Praise the Lord she was on top of it and said, 'let's get an ultrasound and see what happens.'"

At 32 weeks, Price had a double mastectomy. At 37 weeks, she had her son. When he turned 3-weeks-old, she started chemo.

"Definitely he has helped me thrive the most through all of this-- just knowing that I had to take care of him and I couldn't be down. I honestly always say I couldn't have gone through this at a better time because we had so much to live for," Price said.

Now, she recommends acupuncture to other women she meets who are battling breast cancer.

"Even people who are scared of needles, I think it's something that they can do because it's so minimal. They're so tiny," she said.

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